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Hello fellow card collectors, sports fans, and everyone alike! My name is Evan and I am a high schooler and avid sports fan! I've loved every sport I've ever seen (basketball, baseball, football, soccer, even spikeball!) and developed a love of sports cards. Every time I open a new pack of cards, I get this special kind of thrill and excitement. 


With sports card prices rising and cards become more and more rare to find, there are so many kids who don't have the same access this fun past time. 


So here’s my pledge. I founded Cards That Care in June 2021 with the hope of sharing this fun and passion with the kids in the local hospitals. We learned that there were not a lot of fun activities and prizes for older kids who are undergoing treatment in the hospital. My goal is to fill that gap.


Each pack will contain at least one insert/special card and many popular players in each sport to make sure that every kid is able to collect the players they love. Each pack is carefully prepared to comply with Covid guidelines. To date, thousands of cards have been donated to the local hospital.


I will take both my cards and any cards that are donated and package them into these packs. These cards can help bring happiness to another child and every card counts!

Cards that Care gathers donated sports cards and distributes them in fun, mystery style packs to hospitals so they can be given to kids and teens to lift their spirits while getting well.

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We'd love your help. Have sports cards you'd like us to get to kids in need? Send us your cards and we'll make sure they get to local hospitals to give away.  

Email us with questions

Send us your cards

Each donation arranged individually

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We'll be posting local drop-off locations soon. 

Follow us on Instagram for these locations. 

For now, please follow our insta: @cardsthatcare2021

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