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About Me

Name: Evan

Favorite sports teams: New York Knicks, New York Yankees, New York Giants

Professional athlete that inspires me: Jeremy Lin, Derek Jeter, Eli Manning

Sports I play: Golf, Tennis, Cross Country, Pick-up Basketball

Favorite Sports Card: Derek Jeter Rookie Card

Hobbies I love (besides collecting cards): Singing, Acting, Playing Piano, Minecraft

Places I volunteer: YMCA Summer Camp Counselor

Most recent favorite experience: I sat down with my dad late one night and opened a box of Mosaic soccer Euros. We pulled our first Galactic SSP. It wasn't anyone we knew or followed but it was still a special moment seeing the blue and freaking out.

Favorite food: Pork Katsu

Historical figure that I wish I could meet: Wilt Chamberlain

Other fun facts about me:  I once had to run down the giant hill behind my house in bare feet because my dog ran away. It was not fun, but I'd do anything for my dogs. I used to collect Pokémon cards as well as Club Penguin cards surprisingly.

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